Laboratory Technician Comprehensive Programme

Participants in this programme start and advance laboratory careers. Some have prior laboratory experience; many do not.  Some already have science degrees; many do not.   Many participants are not laboratory employees, but special options exist for those who are.  This programme emphasises practical work (especially in microbiological and chemical laboratories), and understanding of that practical work.  Learning includes use of our interactive video-based lessons, practice of basic skills (using equipment we provide for home use), and training at one of our Partnering Laboratories.  Graduates of this programme are highly employable.


This programme is for domestic participants.


About 70% at home (or where ever you want)

About 30% as a placement at one of our Partnering Laboratories (available near about 87% of Kiwis)

Duration: 60 weeks plus study breaks

Currently available intakes: Click here

Awarded upon successful completion:  People completing this programme will earn two qualifications.  The New Zealand Certificate in Applied Science (Level 4) is awarded after successful completion of the first two modules, and the New Zealand Diploma in Applied Science (Level 6) is awarded after successful completion of the entire programme,

Partnering laboratory time: Approximately 740 hours


Your fees will not increase while you remain enrolled in this programme.

Costs for Entire Programme:

NZ$15645 (NZ$5565 for the first 60 credits)


This programme is eligible for the NZ government's FeesFree policy. 

You can check your eligibility at .

StudyLinkThis programme is eligible for StudyLink assistance.  You can check your eligibility at .

Real World Education Scholarships are also available. 

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Entry: Participants must have a typical high school background with some knowledge of chemistry (such as New Zealand's NCEA Level 2 with 15 credits of Level 2 Chemistry) or equivalent knowledge and skills, and demonstrate an understanding of and general suitability for the programme determined by Real World Education's pre-entry process.

Relationship to other programmes: The first third of this programme is essentially the same as the Laboratory Skills Programme.

Modules: For details of modules, please click here.