School Science Laboratory Technician Programme

101Participants in this programme want to start work as a school laboratory technician, or are school laboratory technicians wanting to up-skill and earn a qualification.  Emphases include practical work and working in the context of a school laboratory operating under the Code of Practice for School Exempt Laboratories developed by the New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE).  Since practical work is part of the programme, participants must assure suitable arrangements are planned.  Typical arrangements would be in a school (e.g., where the participant is employed or where the participant is being mentored), but other arrangements (including at home) are possible.

This programme is typically for domestic participants.  However, it is available to international participants in those rare cases that this programme is appropriate for their needs.

Please note: A portion of the material in this programme is based on the Code of Practice for School Exempt Laboratories (“the Code”) developed by the New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE). People considering participation in the programme should be aware that there are likely to be significant changes in the legislative or regulatory context of the Code within a year. Once a participant starts this programme, requirements and assessments will not be changed even if the Code or the legislative or regulatory context of the Code changes. We plan to update lessons sometime after the context stabilises, but will not be updating lessons to reflect the changes while that context is in great flux. Although it is likely that those changes will be more about the regulatory structure than about good practice at a school level, we cannot promise that, since details of those changes are not yet determined.

Duration: Self-paced (up to 52 weeks)

Currently available intakes: Click here

Awarded upon successful completion: New Zealand Certificate in Applied Science (Level 4)

Costs for Entire Programme:

International NZ$6550

Domestic  NZ$2100 (Please ask about StudyLink assistance.)

Scholarships are available. 

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Entry: Participants must have a typical high school background with some knowledge of chemistry and computing (such as New Zealand's NCEA Level 2 with 15 credits of Level 2 Chemistry and 15 credits of Level 2 Computing) or equivalent knowledge and skills, and demonstrate an understanding of and general suitability for the programme determined by Real World Education's pre-entry process.  International applicants must have an IELTS (Academic) score of 6.0 or better with no less than 5.5 in any band (or equivalent evidence of English proficiency).

Relationship to other programmes: This programme may be taken on its own or as the first half of the School Laboratory Manager Programme.

Modules: The modules in this programme are listed below.  For details of modules, please click here.

SCI410 Core Skills and Knowledge for School Technicians (45 credits, level 4)

SCI510  Specialised Skills and Knowledge for School Technicians  (15 credits, level 5)