Partnering Laboratories

121In our programmes which focus on testing and research laboratory careers, participants get practical training in actual testing and research laboratories, our Partnering Laboratories. Learning in those settings is more relevant, more interesting and more job-focused.  A participant's learning would be in laboratories where their core business is laboratory work, not education.  This way of learning may not suit everyone, and potential participants need to consider if this suits them.

We have Partnering Laboratories scattered around the North and South Islands.  Our classroom is Aotearoa.  These labs range widely in size, and cover a wide range of testing such as dairy, animal feed, minerals, food, water, and animal diagnostics.  For placement, participants will usually need to travel to the Partnering Laboratory.  Potential participants need to consider whether this will be inconvenient for them or part of the adventure.

If you work at a well-run testing or research laboratory, please feel free to contact us about that laboratory becoming our next Partnering Laboratory.