Other costs to consider

119Besides programme fees, there are other types of costs you should consider before starting this programme. Those include:

  • You will need to pay your living costs including housing, food and clothing. The cost of this is highly variable depending on your choice of lifestyle.
  • You will need to have frequent access to a computer and the Internet. For more information about the computer needs please click here.  There are new computers available for less than $100 which will serve the needs of this programme, and satisfactory used computers can be purchased for less. The cost of Internet access varies widely depending on location, bundling with other services, and your other Internet requirements.
  • If you are in a programme which will involve away-from-home placements, you will need to pay for travel, accommodation and food during those placements. The cost of this is highly variable depending on the level of accommodation you select. It is strongly recommended that you investigate these costs before enrolling for any programme.
  • You will have very small miscellaneous expenses for the programme such as for pens and paper.