Living while learning

110You should give serious thought to planning your time in New Zealand during participation in our programme.  That will help you get the most from our programme, and your time in a fantastic county.  Part of that planning is financial planning (specifics below).  However, you should also consider how you will enjoy New Zealand including selection of housing and food you enjoy.  That also includes investigating what you want to do on study breaks.  Although you will be busy in our programme, please be sure to make good use of free time including weekends. It would be a shame to be in New Zealand and hardly experience New Zealand.

Besides the programme fee, there are other types of costs you should consider before starting this programme. Those include:

You will need to pay to get to New Zealand.

You will need to pay your living costs including housing, food and clothing. The cost of this is highly variable depending on your choice of lifestyle.

You will need to pay for travel, accommodation and food during placements in a Partnering Laboratory.

These pages will help you to make an informed decision about planning finances by giving you information about living expenses.