Policy Summaries

110Below are summaries of policies that you should know about as someone who might become a Real World Education international participant:

Grievance and Complaints:


As an international participant, you have both internal and external options for resolving grievances and complaints.  These are summarised below.  Please note that the resolution of all grievances and complaints should first be attempted through Real World Education's internal grievance procedure as explained below before lodging complaints externally.


Real World Education Internal Grievance/Complaints Procedure:

Most concerns you might have can be handled informally. However, if that does not give a result that you find satisfactory, a more formal grievance procedure is available.  The following is a step by step procedure for telling us your complaint, and how it will be addressed. Remember that this procedure applies even when you are on a placement at a Partnering Laboratory.

1. Fill out a feedback web form at www.real.ac.nz/feedback by answering “Yes” when asked if the feedback is a complaint or grievance for which you are requesting a specific remedy.
2. Complete the form by writing in your complaint and your proposed remedy.
3. Promptly upon receipt of your complaint, the Director will send you a written acknowledgement that he has received the complaint/grievance.
4. All complaints and grievances will be considered.
The procedure can have various outcomes which are listed below:
5. If the Director considers the proposed remedy is a good idea whether or not the complaint is reasonable, then he will write to you to explain that your remedy has been adopted, and that the grievance procedure is over.  
6. The Director may propose to you a different remedy that would be a good idea whether your complaint is reasonable or not.  You may accept the Director's proposed remedy or decide to continue the grievance procedure.  This must be done in writing.
7. If the Director's proposed remedy is not acceptable to you, then he will investigate the complaint.
8. The Director will send to you in writing the results of the investigation, offering any remedies, and notifying you that our internal grievance procedure is ended.
9. We consider all complaints/grievances to be important feedback for our continued improvement.   Staff may be informed about the grievance and any remedy.
10. If you believe that we have not lived up to our obligations under the Code of Practice in addressing your grievance or complaint, then you may lodge a complaint with NZQA as outlined below:

External Grievance/Complaint Procedure:

If you are not satisfied with the results of the Real World Education Internal Grievance/Complaints Procedure, You have access to the external procedure.  Below is the summary from NZQA:

If your education provider has not resolved your complaint, and you wish to have it resolved, then you can contact NZQA.  NZQA is a government organisation.  They can provide an independent assessment of your complaint.

1.  Download the Complaint Form (PDF, 33 KB)

2.  Send your completed Complaint Form along with any supporting evidence, to:

The Complaints Officer
Quality Assurance Division
PO Box 160, Wellington 6140


Email a scan of your completed form along with scans of any supporting evidence to qadrisk@nzqa.govt.nz.

If you need more information on the complaints process, contact NZQA on 0800 697 296.

Depending on the nature of your complaint, NZQA may refer it to the Dispute Resolution Scheme operator.  For detailed information about the Dispute Resolution Scheme operator, please click here.


Any international participant who withdraws from any programme prior to the end of the tenth business day after the start of the programme, will receive a refund of fees after subtraction of either the costs to us or 25% of the fees paid, whichever is less.

Please note: The start of the programme will be defined as the start date listed on the Offer of Place.  The participant will receive the refund from Public Trust by filling out their “Student Refund Form”.  If you are unavailable to fill out and sign the form, then we can do that for you. We can assist participants in filling out the forms.


As an international participant, you are expected to be in attendance for all required contact hours whether at the Learning Centre or at a Partnering Laboratory.   If the Director determines that your failure to meet your attendance requirement is highly unacceptable, the Director will issue you a formal warning in writing that continued failure to meet the attendance requirement will result in your being administratively withdrawn from the programme.  If the Director decides you should be administratively withdrawn, you will be notified of that in writing with immediate effect.  Notice regarding administrative withdrawal will include information about internal and external grievance, and appeal options.  Administrative withdrawal will have an identical effect for refund purposes, and notification of others as if you had voluntarily withdrawn at the same time.  Withdrawal of international participants will be reported to Immigration New Zealand.

Participant-Initiated Withdrawal:

Situations may arise under which you may need to withdraw from your programme of study.  In the case of your withdrawing, the following conditions will apply:

  • Participant-Initiated withdrawals must be submitted using the withdrawal form available on-line.  You will not be considered to be withdrawn until we receive this form.
  • Our refund policy will apply in the event of a Participant-Initiated Withdrawal.
  • Immigration New Zealand will be notified when a withdrawal form is received.
  • If you withdraw and wish to re-enter the programme, you will need to re-apply .  Re-admission to a programme will depend on available space, the reason for withdrawal, and other factors that the Director feels are relevant to the decision.

Termination of Tuition:

We may terminate your tuition under the following conditions:

  • If the attendance requirement is not being met.  This includes willful absenteeism as well as prolonged absence due to illness or family emergency or family obligations.
  • If there is any misconduct as outlined in our Conduct Policy (which you would receive at orientation).
  • If you provided any false or misleading information to us.  This could include falsifying English examination results or learning records.
  • If you have not made sufficient progress in the background learning to allow you to go on placement at the Partnering Laboratory.

Please see the Grievance and Complaints (above) for the internal and external appeal procedure.  In the event of termination of tuition, our refund policy will apply.  Once we terminate tuition, we will inform Immigration New Zealand that you are no longer enrolled.